• There’s a widespread belief that to have a vacation in Azerbaijan is not a cheap deal. Certainly to an extent, this could be true. This place is abundant with hotels, restaurants, high-end entertainment facilities that have been designed to meet the tastes of the demanding customers. Considering this fact, however, it is wrong to believe that Baku would be a comfortable place for only the thick wallet holders.

    That’s a pure myth. Just as much as the country has facilities for the rich, there is equal for the tiny budget holders too. And believe me when I say, you can make the best out of your vacation in Azerbaijan even with the tiniest budget in hand.

  • 1. 9 out of 11 world climatic zones are found here.

    2. The largest salty lake of the planet is located in Azerbaijan; The Caspian Sea.

    3. UNESCO World Heritage monuments are a part of this country. One of them is the rarest monument of the world culture and first of the human civilizations; Gobustan.

    4. The famous Naftlan oil resort is a major tourist attraction which is also known to have healing properties.

    5. Azerbaijan is the first country in the world by the number of mud volcanoes you will find here. Almost 350 out of the 800 are located here.

    6. The Azerbaijan cuisine is considered to be the most interesting of the East. The products and dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine is original and unique.

    7. The oldest civilization of the Silk Road is evident in the city of Sheki, Azerbaijan. Sheki is called “Azerbaijan’s Lyon”.

    8. Since years, Azerbaijan is known as the Land of Fire and the secrets of the spirits of this fire lies within the country.

    9. The Baku boulevard is considered the top attraction of Baku and the guests are attracted by a wonderful landscape design, cafes, alleys and many more amusements for both adults and children.

    10. Although historical sights are evident in the country, Azerbaijan also has a modern spark to it that adds even more to its beauty.

  • Let me tell you a real life experience of one of my friend’s recently visited Azerbaijan. She flew to Azerbaijan in the 2014 and spent a good one week in that country. Well, she was always interested in off-beaten paths and Azerbaijan fell into that category for her. Like the others those were there with her, she herself didn’t believe at first that this country would be having so much to offer to her.

    I asked her to describe her experiences to me, and she went like, where do I begin from? She told me that it is a very special place and cannot be compared to any other country. It’s a unique mix of cultures and religions. Despite its ongoing tensions with Armenia, the country is relatively safe and the people are genuinely friendly and hospitable.

    The architecture, food, and people are the blend of the East and the West. European, Turkish and Arabic traits are most visible almost everywhere in the country. Azerbaijan is way more exotic and the Persian/Arabic/Turkish mixture that is well mixed with Soviet heritage is something that you may not find it elsewhere. And she specially mentioned about the language of the country. Azerbaijani is almost similar to Turkish and the language is so beautiful.

    She then asked me if I was fond of architecture, and I replied with a big yes! She further added by saying that Azerbaijan is a country of wonderland. It’s a blend of style, ancient mosques and modern monumental buildings that add the spark to the Caspian architecture. While we discussing, she told me one thing that was too astonishing that Azerbaijan is the Land of Fire. It has a mountain that is burning since ages and there are no signs of it going off anytime soon.

    After all the excitement and praising she had for Azerbaijan, I finally managed to ask her what did she do in Azerbaijan for one whole week.

    She first started with visiting Baku, which is the capital city of Azerbaijan and is as unique as its name is. In Baku she mentioned that the two main places that she visited was the mysterious Maiden Tower. Attached to many stories, this tower is also known as the national symbol of Azerbaijan. Closer to proximity, the other most famous place is The Palace of the Shirvanshahs. This palace is known for its architecture, and the mausoleum for the leaders who were buried with the intention of being remembered forever. Along with this, she managed to do a lot of shopping with souvenirs and beautiful crafted handicrafts.

    After leaving from Baku, the first place she visited was the Gobustan National Park which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has many manmade and natural origins of interest and has many art engravings that display the prehistoric traditions. And, you can also observe the mud volcanoes in this national park that exists in abundance in this nation.

    Some of us do get tired of the city’s hustle-bustle, and feel like experiencing the taste of the rural life. Well, Azerbaijan has this serene village known as Khinalug. It is blessed with natural assets that Azerbaijan has to offer which includes caves, waterfalls with a tinge of hiking experiences if you would like. Lastly, you can also visit the Lake Goyol which is a result of an earthquake that occurred almost 1000 years ago. The stunning sight of this lake is heart-throbbing.

    Moving ahead, lets know what to eat in Azerbaijan. With a mix of authentic Persian, Turkish and European cuisine, the famous treats of Azerbaijan are:

    • Plov, which is made of 40 different types of rice-based dish.
    • Piti, which is also known as the national soup of Azerbaijan is something that truly delights the taste buds of locals as well as tourists.
    • And the last one, is Qutab which is a pancake which is filled with spinach, pumpkin, lamb and cheese that is thoroughly enjoyed across the nation.

    A week’s time just crossed by in the blink of an eye. She put in all her eggs in one basket and proceeded for this vacation and believe me when I say this, she’s thoroughly enjoyed her time in Azerbaijan. And guess what? We’re planning one trip together again. Well, yes that’s how much she’s loved this country.

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